Asbestos Exposure Caused Mesothelioma?

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Our National asbestos mesothelioma lawyers represent individuals suffering from mesothelioma / lung cancer as a result of exposure to asbestos. 

Asbestos is a mineral found in insulation and other industrial products.  When inhaled through the lungs, asbestos can cause irritations of lung tissue that can develop into mesothelioma / lung cancer.

Industrial workers, construction workers, military personnel and other individuals exposed to asbestos fibers are at a heightened risk for pulmonary health problems.

If you or a loved one were diagnosed with mesothelioma / lung cancer or other serious medical conditions following asbestos exposure, you may be legally entitled to a substantial cash award.

The National asbestos mesothelioma lawyers on our team have represented thousands of victims of dangerous toxins, and won millions of dollars in financial compensation on their behalf.

Let us obtain your medical records and provide a free evaluation of your right to compensation.  We only charge a legal fee if we obtain a financial recovery for our client.

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Use of asbestos by industrial companies dates back many decades.  Products containing asbestos were favored by corporations because of their lower cost.  However, many of these companies knew of the risk the product posed to their workers and the public at large. 

National asbestos mesothelioma lawyers have successfully held these commercial entities financially responsible for the illness contracted by those exposed to the harmful toxins.

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U.S. asbestos mesothelioma lawyers target jobs

● Construction Worker / Demolition Worker

● Armed Services / Military

● Chemical Plaint Workers

● Miners

● Mill Workers

● Ship builders

● HVAC Workers

● Automobile Workers

Development of lung cancer / mesothelioma can take 10 to 15 years or more.  Therefore, many people diagnosed with mesothelioma in National do not immediately realize their lung cancer is linked to their former work with products containing asbestos.

Our National asbestos mesothelioma lawyers are often able to help these individuals establish the legal link between exposure to asbestos and their lung cancer diagnosis.

National asbestos mesothelioma lawyer targets symptoms

● Shortness of breath

● Chest pain

● Dry cough

● Loss of appetite

● Damaged finger nails or toe nails

● Swollen fingers

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